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Quick Facts

Q. Who is PG Surgery Centre?

A private surgery facility owned by members of the community. The facility performs consultations and a variety of ambulatory surgery which is paid for by the patient (Cosmetic surgery) or a third-party sponsor.

Q. Who are Third-Party Sponsors?

Insurance providers: HBT, ICBC, Global Total Care, Great West Life, Canada Life, and others
Employers or Employer’s Benefits Plans that cover surgery.
WorkSafe BC

Q. What procedures does PG Surgery Centre perform?

Cosmetic surgery
Orthopedic surgery
Cataract surgery

Q. How is a consultation arranged?

For cosmetic surgery, call or email the surgery centre
For other surgery, the third-party sponsor or Family Physician may fax the patient information along with a request for referral to 250-563-4028. The Family Physician should cite the third-party sponsor when referring. If they prefer, they may download a Referral Form from our About section.

Q. How do I get involved?

If you are a surgeon, please contact us if you have surgical procedures you think can be managed privately.
If you are a Family Physician with tips on how we can provide better information or access to consultation and surgery, please let us know!
If you are a potential patient, please refer to our website or call us to assist you in answering your questions on surgery.

Q. How can I find out more?

Call 250-563-4077 to speak with our Operations Manager

Q. What days and times is the Surgery Centre open?

Prince George Surgery Centre is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm other than on Statutory Holidays

Q. Who is eligible for surgery?

Healthy adults as well as those with controlled medical conditions are eligible for surgery at Prince George Surgery Centre.

Q. What options are available for financing?

We work with a number of companies that provide financing for medical procedures. For more information please go to the Medical Coverage page on our website.

Q. How do I book a consultation?

For cosmetic surgery, you can learn more about the surgical procedures available and book a consultation by calling the clinic and speaking with our professional staff who will be happy to assist you.

Q. How long will my consultation take?

The time required for a consultation can vary depending on the type of procedure you are considering. On average a consultation will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Q. How long will I have to wait between my consultation and my surgery?

Once preoperative paperwork is complete our staff will schedule your surgery. Surgery can often be scheduled between 1 and 4 weeks after your consultation depending on the availability of your surgeon.

Q. How can I find out more about the medical procedure I am considering?

Please discuss your intentions with your surgeon or General Practitioner (GP). Your surgeon will be able to provide you with literature about the procedure you are considering, or recommend a reliable website.

Q. Do I have a choice as to which surgeon performs my procedure?

Yes, you do. As long as your preferred surgeon has been granted privileges at the centre and is registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons or British Columbia, he or she will be able to perform the required procedure

Q. How long have the surgeons been in practice?

This varies from surgeon to surgeon. To learn more about our team of surgeons and practitioners please visit our section on surgeons.

Q. What type of anesthetic will be used for my procedure?

The type of anesthesia that is used will depend on you and on the type of surgery that you are having. Some procedures can be done under a local or regional anesthetic while others require a general anesthetic. A consultation with your Anesthesiologist will help to decide on the type of anesthetic that will be safest for you.

Regardless of the type of anesthetic used, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and ECG are routinely monitored.

Q. What kind of tests do I need to have done prior to my surgery?

This depends on the type of procedure and any pre-existing medical conditions. The anesthesiologist and surgeon will advise you during your consultation.

Q. What dietary and smoking restrictions will I need to follow before surgery?

Pre-surgery instructions will vary depending on the nature of your procedure. Once your surgery has been scheduled you will be given comprehensive instructions

Q. What dietary and smoking restriction will I need to follow after surgery?

Similar to pre-surgery, restrictions will vary depending on the procedure. Comprehensive instructions will be provided once your surgery has been scheduled.

Q. If I am having day surgery will I be allowed to go home on my own?

No, you will be required to have an escort for your safety and someone to stay with you for the first night after surgery. If you do not have one, consider the social or nursing services in your community that may be able to assist you.

Q. Where do your out-of-town patients recover before heading home?

There are many hotels in our area where out-of-town patients and their families can stay. While the Tourism Prince George Website contains a comprehensive list of accommodation providers, many of our patients stay at the nearby Ramada, Coast Inn of the North, Hyatt, Marriott Courtyard, or Wyndham hotels. These hotels offer a special rate for patients visiting Prince George for medical reasons.

Q. Where will I go for my post-operative check-up and when will it be scheduled?

Your surgeon will see you at the Prince George Surgery Centre for a follow-up appointment. Please call us after your surgery and we will book you in.

Q. Who do I contact if I have a medical emergency following surgery?

You will be provided with a complete list of instructions prior to your release from the Centre. This information is provided by your surgeon and includes instruction with regard to medical emergencies.