Anesthesiology is an integral part of each surgical plan at Prince George Surgery Centre. Any procedure requiring anesthesia is attended by a licensed, practicing anesthesiologist.

Every patient undergoes a preoperative screening to ensure that any medical issues are resolved, and any required bloodwork or other preparation has been performed. The attending anesthesiologist will review your patient screens prior to your surgery, and will be happy to speak with regarding any questions or concerns you may have. The type of anesthetic used is determined by your personal profile: your particular surgery, your experience with anesthetics, your anatomy, and your health. We want our patients to make a truly informed choice regarding their treatment and care.

At Prince George Surgery Centre, much of our work consists of outpatient procedures, also called “ambulatory” or “day” surgeries. Your anesthetic will be delivered with this in mind, to minimize any discomfort you may experience once you are ready to go home.