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Cataract Surgery Procedures

A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye that leads to vision loss. It is the most common cause of sight problems for people over 40, and one of the leading causes of blindness throughout the world.

The potential for cataracts increases with age, and can also be influenced by certain health conditions, including diabetes and smoking. Patients suffer from diminished nighttime vision, glare, and other sight issues.

Fortunately, modern cataract removal surgery is efficient and minimally invasive, with quick recovery times. This vision-restoration procedure is the most common outpatient surgery performed in Canada, and usually takes less than half an hour. The ophthalmology team at Prince George Surgery Centre uses the most up-to-date techniques to replace lenses with cutting-edge intraocular lens (IOC) implants. You may opt for standard lenses, or toric or multi-focal lenses, which can restore vision and simultaneously correct strabismus, diminishing the need for glasses for reading or distance vision.

In partnership with Northern Health, the Prince George Surgery Centre offers standard cataract removal surgery to Northern BC residents, in the comfort of our private surgical facility. Aimed at reducing the extensive wait times through the public system, this procedure is covered under MSP, and patients receive the same excellent care that all of our clients expect.

To discuss your cataract surgery options, please contact our office.