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Cosmetic Procedures

The medical team at Prince George Surgery Centre encourages all of our patients to eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise to keep your body in good health. But we understand that, sometimes, feeling your best may require a little bit of help! Our expert cosmetic surgeons apply the perfect combination of professional experience and artistic talent to give you the confidence to “live your best you.”

Some procedures may be insured under the Medical Services Plan (MSP), such as some breast reductions, gynecomastia reduction, blepharoplasty, and abdominoplasties after profound weight loss. In this situation the surgery must be performed in a hospital or contracted by a hospital to a private facility. We can help you determine if your surgery is covered under MSP and advise you about your options. We would be pleased to offer you this surgery at our facility should this be an option.

Prince George Surgery Centre offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures to improve your appearance and relieve the frustration and negative health effects of problem areas on the face and body. From mommy makeovers to liposuction and tummy tucks, rhinoplasty to breast enhancement, our skilled surgeons perform aesthetic procedures with beautiful, lasting results. Our outpatient clinic is welcoming and private, with comfortable recovery spaces. We also provide each patient with thorough discharge care instructions and physician follow-ups to ensure that you are comfortable with your new, rejuvenated look, and can get back to your routine as quickly as possible.

Interested in excellent, discrete plastic surgery? Contact our offices to book a consultation with our surgeons.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures at Prince George Surgery Centre