Breast Correction

Patients often turn to the expert cosmetic surgeons at Prince George Surgery Centre to improve previous unsatisfactory breast augmentation surgeries. If you are unhappy with the results of an earlier procedure, wish to change your implant size or type, or suffer from uncomfortable scar tissue (capsular contracture), we may be able to help.

During breast revision the surgeon will take steps to minimize any additional scarring. Your surgeon may recommend a capsulectomy instead of, or in addition to, your breast revision. Many factors can contribute to the type of surgical technique used in your breast correction surgery, including implant type and position, sagging or rippling, and even the elasticity and amount of available skin tissue.

As with breast augmentation, this surgery can be combined with a breast lift to create your ideal bust contour.

Contact Prince George Surgery Centre for a consultation, and to see if our surgeons can help you finally achieve the look you are hoping for.