Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a procedure for reducing the size of large breasts. Many women with this condition suffer physical discomfort or a negative self-image. Breast reduction uses techniques similar to a breast lift to remove excess tissue and recontour the breast to a more proportionate size.

The surgeon may use the vertical technique, also called the “lollipop” technique, which involves an incision around the areola and a second, vertical incision that extends downward from the nipple. Excess or sagging tissue is then removed and tightened horizontally.

With the Wise (“anchor”) method, the same periareolar and vertical incisions are employed, as well as a horizontal incision along the inframammary crease to remove a greater amount of tissue and conceal scarring.

Both of these surgeries will also provide a lifted appearance to the breasts and allow the surgeon to reposition the nipples and reduce the size of the areolas. The resulting breasts are smaller and have a natural-looking shape.

In cases where breast size affects musculoskeletal health, breast reduction surgery may be covered by MSP. Please contact our offices to determine which costs you will be responsible for, and to book a consultation with a plastic surgeon.