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Brow or Forehead Lift

Sagging muscles and wrinkles that increase as you age can significantly alter your appearance, making you look tired or angry. Patients turn to the cosmetic surgeons at Prince George Surgery Centre to revitalize their look with a simple cosmetic procedure called a brow lift (or a forehead lift). Using small incisions hidden by the hairline, the surgeon can tighten the tissue, muscle, and skin of the forehead to smooth lines and wrinkles, relieve crowding, and improve excessively saggy brows.

Frown lines are minimized, and eyebrows are raised into a brighter, more youthful position. The results are seamless. Patients who regularly use Botox and other minimally-invasive treatments often find the natural and long-lasting results of a brow lift to be a better alternative.

Learn why a brow lift may be the best way to restore your youthful appearance. Get in touch with our office to book your consultation.