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Minor Procedures under Local Anesthetic

Moles and Skin Lesions

Not all spots on your skin are considered “beauty marks”. These common pigment discolourations can sometimes be in very noticeable locations that can make you uncomfortable and affect your confidence. Most moles and skin lesions are harmless, but they can be unsightly and distracting. Occasionally, they can be a cause for concern. Talk to your doctor if you notice any unusual, painful, or changing spots or discolourations

Fortunately, mole and blemish removal is usually a simple and quick outpatient procedure. The cosmetic surgeons at Prince George Surgery Centre can excise your mole under local anesthesia, either with a laser, or via cauterization or a small incision. The whole process usually takes less than half an hour, and any scarring is minimal. A sample of the tissue will be sent to a pathologist for examination, and the results will be shared with you.

Earlobe Repairs

Torn, gauged, or stretched earlobes can be frustrating. At Prince George Surgery Centre, we frequently see patients who have removed their piercings or have injured their lobes. Earlobe repair is a minor surgery performed under local anesthetic by a qualified plastic surgeon. Our expert cosmetic specialists are adept at recreating natural-looking earlobes with minimal scarring. The procedure is short, and recovery is relatively easy and painless. Let our professional team close your holes and make your ears look like new.

Minor cosmetic procedures are straightforward and easy at Prince George Surgery Centre. Contact us to book your appointment.