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Surgical Team

Anesthesiologists, surgical assists, and surgical and post-operative nurses form an essential part of any care team. At Prince George Surgery Centre, we are proud to have a group of exceptional medical professionals comprising our support staff.

Our patients can be confident in the care that these physicians and nurses bring to each and every procedure they perform.

  • Dr. Donald Bond, Surgical Assist
  • Dr. Laurie Cook, Surgical Assist
  • Dr. Ian Schokking, Surgical Assist
  • Dr. Devin Spooner, Surgical Assist
  • Dr. Auton St. Rose, Surgical Assist
  • Dr. Julian Barnbrook, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Jason Cronje, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Pritampal Dhadly, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Chantelle Peter, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Colin Phillips, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Simon Rose, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Marietjie Slabbert, Anesthesiology